CBK Sci Con boasts a range of world-leading experts in high performance computing and big data, drawing on the talent of the Centre for Computational Science at UCL. We combine this expertise with efficiency and creativity,  bringing e-science to your business on a timescale to meet your needs.

Our key service areas are:

  • Data intensive, distributed, cloud and high performance computing

We have been successful in building user friendly problem solving environments in a number of contexts, ranging from the oil rig to the clinic. Our team continue to develop codes, tools and services, which run efficiently on the largest petascale architectures today, and assemblies of these on a global scale, as well as the exascale architectures which are expected to emerge in the near future.

  • Modelling and simulation, at multiple length and time scales in physical and life sciences

Multi-scale modelling and simulation is one of our core strengths, and we have overseen its translation to considerable innovations in industry. Our expertise spans several domains of application including computational fluid dynamics, flow in porous media for oil and gas problems, human blood flow, and the design of molecular targets.

  • Big data analytics

We have been successful in accelerating the innovation and discovery cycle of functional materials through our expertise in high throughput combinatorial methods coupled to data generation and analysis. We are creative in implementing evolutionary algorithms, artificial neural networks, cluster analysis, among other machine learning methods within the scope of modern big data analytics.

  • e-health and personalised medicine

We are leaders in the development of informatics platforms for large scale clinical trials, health care data management, in conformance with UK and EU laws regarding security and privacy. The work flows we provide on top of these systems enable support for clinical decision making in a range of disease cases,including cardiovascular, cancer and HIV.

  • Data security and privacy planning

We developed the widely adopted Audited Credential Delegation system, in association with services such as Shibboleth, for usable personal identity management security in distributed e-infrastructures, which has been deployed within UK, Europe and USA.

  • Deploying e-science based solutions and technologies

We have a legacy in the widespread design and implementation of high quality software for systems, services and tools in support of local, national and international e-infrastructures. We have designed and developed numerous middleware capabilities, including the widely deployed Application Hosting Environment.

  • Handling procurements and  management of e-infrastructure projects

We have expertise in advising on procurements for high performance computing and data storage resources.  We have successfully managed complex e-infrastructure projects that sit at the interface of academia, industry, and the government, and have advised on the strategy for building expertise in e-science domains.