Peter Coveney – Scientific & Technical Director


Peter is a Professor of Computational Science and Director of the UCL Centre for Computational Science within the Department of Chemistry, sitting on David Willetts’ E-Infrastructure Leadership Council and has worked on the Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology. He has held a wide variety of positions in academia and industry, including teaching and research positions at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, the University of Wales and the University of London; and scientific and management positions with Schlumberger, the leading oilfield service company. Peter oversees the scientific and technical quality of all proposed and delivered services.

Paul Best – Industry Director


Paul is a Chartered Engineer with 35 years of engineering, research and technology business experience, spanning complex engineered systems in aerospace, defence, transport, energy and sports sectors. Paul was a director and shareholder of Frazer-Nash Consultancy (computational scientific, engineering & mathematical services) growing from £1.5m – £50m turnover in 20 years, past chairman of CFMS Limited (Centre for Fluid Mechanics Simulation) a government supported Joint venture with Rolls-Royce, Airbus, MBDA, BAE Systems, and Williams F1. Paul also sits on the Government’s E-Infrastructure Leadership Council.

Hugh Martin – Director & General Manager


Hugh is a computational nucleotide-nanopore scientist with a PhD from UCL. Since finishing his PhD, Hugh has worked for the Centre for Computational Science at UCL on various EU and UK funded initiatives including projects pertaining to biomedical informatics and complex natural systems. As General Manager, Hugh manages all of CBK’s activities and is the principal point of contact for the company.

Pragna Kiri – Senior Consultant


Pragna graduated from UCL in 2016 with a PhD in Chemistry, where she developed economical and environmentally sustainable alternative catalysts for use in hydrogen fuel cell technology. She has over 4 years experience in chairing client and public engagement events and has delivered projects from conception through to completion. Pragna ensured a successful kick-off for the European Commission-funded Horizon 2020 Centre of Excellence CompBioMed, whilst working as Project Manager in the Centre for Computational Science at UCL in 2016, before joining CBK Sci Con.

Stefan Zasada – Technical Project Manager


Stefan Zasada is a software engineer with over 12 years experience of commercial and academic software development and project management. His interests are in high performance computing, distributed systems, and data warehousing and integration, with applications in the field of biomedical simulation. He has a first degree in Computer Science from the University of Nottingham and a Masters degree in Advanced Software Engineering from the University of Manchester, and has been responsible for leading development activities in several large scale UK and EU funded research projects. He is CBK’s Technical Project Manager with responsibility for technical performance and quality.