Controlling errors in chaotic system simulation


Controlling errors in the simulation of chaotic systems on digital computers

PhD Studentship 1

A fully funded 3 year studentship aiming to investigate and mitigate a newly discovered pathology in the simulation of chaotic dynamical systems on digital computers.

This pathology was discovered and quantified in the case of the generalised Bernoulli map via direct comparison between exact continuum mathematics and floating point representation results. It is believed theses errors could be responsible for making many numerical tests incorrect whilst widespread knowledge of their existence is limited.

The main focus of the PhD studentship is to asses this errors and other, more complicated, cases in order to restore credibility to predictions arising in computational science, from turbulence to molecular dynamics and reaction-diffusion systems. To complete theses investigations the student will be working closely with two EU-funded projects currently running in the group; CompBioMed ( and VECMA ( will involve a collaboration and will be co-funded by CBK Sci Con (

PhD Student : Ruihao Pan


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PhD Student : Ruihao Pan